Organo ufficiale delle Chiese Cristiane Evangeliche “Assemblee di Dio in Italia”


Dear brethren, gathered as delegates for the PEF Annual Conference, welcome to Italy, welcome to Paestum, one of the main cities of the Magna Graecia and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998!
We are grateful to God for having you here as guests and for granting us to serve you during your stay for your Conference and General Assembly.
We are confident that this gathering from different parts of our beloved Europe will provide us with the opportunity to pray and seek the Lord deeply so that a revival may take place in every nation, in every community, and in every believer.
In your conference folder, you will find a copy of Risveglio Pentecostale (Pentecostal Awakening), the official organ of the Assemblies of God in Italy.
May God bless your time in Italy and your commitment to the King in your countries and throughout Europe (cf. Psalm 45:1).

The editorial staff of Risveglio Pentecostale and Cristiani Oggi